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JESUS NOT Mere Man In Islam

Check out this video here
Muslims claim a lot of respect to Jesus, and somehow this is an empty respect which mean its a statement with no value. It's like saying to some one I respect you however in Islam every thing about Jesus is wrong;
1. Wrong name (Isa) we have no Idea where Muhammad got this name from.
2. Jesus in Islam wasn’t able to establish any thing because his book is lost.
3. Christianity is based on False teaching.
4. Jesus is just a normal man.
5. According to Islam, Muhammad is greater than Jesus. [check this]
6. Allah will not accept Jesus to intercede for man kind in Judgment day, but he will accept Muhammad.
7. Allah will give Mary the Mother of Christ as a gift to be Muhammad wife in the life after.

JESUS vs Muhammad

Check out this video here
Watch and have a good laugh.
Muhammad was perfect example of a human being whose life should followed meticulous demands the Quran:
Q 33.21: Mohammed is an excellent role model for you to follow.
Q 3.31: If you love Allah then follow Muhammad and Allah will forgive your sins.
Q 33.36: Rules and examples set by Allah and Muhammad is binding to all Muslims: there are no alternatives.
Q 6.33: Rejecting Muhammad is rejecting Allah.
Bare in mind, there are verses here supporting Allah and His Messenger (aka Muhammad) doing double act/ SHIRK!
Surah 58:13, Surah 9:3, Surah 2:279, Surah 33:36, Surah 4:100, Surah 33:22, Surah 59:4, Surah 9:1, Surah 5:33, Surah 8:1, Surah 49:1, Surah 9:62, Surah 24:48, Surah 9:29, Surah 9:74, Surah 48:9, Surah 4:116.